Abandoned…Deserted…Left Behind. Is This You??

left behind


Abandoned…. Deserted…. Left behind….

These are the terms I hear so many women use to describe how they feel after a divorce or break-up, even from those who were the ones to leave. There is shock around watching their significant other move on with their life in a quick and seemingly painless manner. There are endless thoughts about whether or not they ever really mattered, if they were ever really loved. There is question after question about how someone they believed in so much could simply abandon everything they had.

Abandoned…. Deserted…. Left behind….

When I hear these terms I feel something inside me stir. I have felt these feelings tear through me like a knife, endlessly ripping away at my heart, and wondering how I would ever mend the wounds that were created. These feelings ate away at me in a manner that I couldn’t seem to escape. I obsessed about it to the point of making myself sick, falling to my knees endless nights asking “Why?” “Why?”

The answers never seemed to come, no matter how many times I asked and no matter how hard I tried.

Until one day they did and I understood why there was so much pain.

Abandoned…. Deserted…. Left behind….

These were the things I had done to myself. I had abandoned me. I had deserted me. I had left me behind. And I had done this for so long and so many times until eventually, I found myself alone feeling abandoned, deserted, and left behind by my Ex. See, I was blind to the pain I was causing myself by not choosing me. There were so many opportunities for me to choose myself and I never did. I couldn’t see it within me and so the universe provided me with an experience that would allow me to see it clearly.

My marriage ending was what it took for me to finally understand how many times I did not choose me and for me to see how much I had wounded myself.

I talk a lot about choice. About how each and every day we have the choice to show up in the world in a conscious and intentional way. How this is truly one of the most glorious gifts of being human. How each and every day we are given opportunities to make different choices, in service of our greater good. Sometimes we are blind to the opportunities as they come up, but we will never miss them. If it is for you, it will present itself again, over and over until you see…until you learn.

And so, maybe this is an opportunity for you?? To see where you have not chosen you. To learn how to choose yourself. To commit to choosing yourself from this day forward.

Letting your true self be seen.

Speaking up in honor of your truth.

Choosing to come from a space of love and kindness.

Setting boundaries that honor your soul.

Making your well-being a priority.

Committing to living in your purpose.

Choosing you …over and over again…so that you are not looking to others feeling abandoned…deserted…left behind.

With so much love and joy,

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2 thoughts on “Abandoned…Deserted…Left Behind. Is This You??

    1. Lynne Ericksin… I am sorry I missed this comment and it has taken me so long to respond. I absolutely understand the way you are feeling and know the feeling well. Here’s the thing though, you feeling stuck and hurt is a sign of possibility. It is you internally shifting and growing, knowing that you are no longer comfortable in your old skin and ready to shed and embrace all of you. I know the process can be painful, but all transformation is uncomfortable. I can tell you one thing though, it is totally worth it!!! Please LMK if I can be of service to you in any way.

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