The Affirmation that Will Change Your Life

Have the courage to face your own emptiness and pain after your breakup. Claim the identity you are meant to be in this universe.


After going through any sort of loss or transition, there is so much time wasted worrying about the choices and decisions being made. Last week I wrote about the bottomless hell of the “What If Game” and how this game is a genius way to keep yourself distracted and stuck.  You get caught up in an endless circle of doubt, questioning yourself at every turn and wondering which way is the right way to go. You are told to listen to your heart, follow your gut, and trust your intuition, but how are you supposed to do any of that when you honestly have no idea which voice is coming from where. As soon as you feel like you know something for sure, another voice comes through just as strongly, telling you the exact opposite thing to do. Next thing you know, you are right back in the endless circle of doubt, scared to death of making any decision at all.

Once you are caught in this circle, it becomes impossible to make a decision that you feel clear about. The longer you remain in this state of confusion, the more it overflows to other areas of your life. Before long, you are unsure of multiple decisions that need to be made and are questioning your choices across the board. Whether this process overwhelms and barrels you over, or simply nudges you with twinges of anxiety, you can feel lost and unsure, and end up allowing yourself to make the worst decision of all … No Decision. A space that leaves you disempowered and a victim of circumstance.

There are many layers of transitioning through any sort of loss and much of it involves allowing yourself to dig deeply and take an honest look at yourself, your wounds, and where you need to forgive yourself. I advise anyone struggling through a loss, feeling stuck and unable to move forward, to seek out someone who can guide them through a process of healing. What I want to offer you here though, is something that is simple yet extremely powerful, that can help you through those times of self-doubt and endless questioning.

“Everything that is for me flows to me and everything is all right!!”

For those of you who don’t know what an affirmation is, an affirmation is a powerful tool that will help ground you in your mindset, as well as support and encourage you on your journey. These are sentences that I suggest you write down in multiple places where you can be reminded of them, and say this to yourself out loud throughout the day, especially when you are feeling anxious and resistant. The affirmation above is the most powerful tool I can offer you in learning to trust in your decisions and accept your past choices.

“Everything that is for me flows to me and everything is all right!!”

This simple and powerful statement will remind you:

  1. You can trust in the universe that all that is meant for you will find you, that what is meant for you will not pass you by.
  2. To trust in your journey no matter how difficult the road may get, that you are exactly where you are meant to be and everything is all right.
  3. That no matter what happens, it is all in service of you, every last moment is happening for you.
  4. Ground you in the truth that the universe has you, even when you make mistakes. Even when you have to turn around and try a different way. Even when it seems like all has failed. None of this is, in fact, true because the truth is “Everything that is for me flows to me and everything is all right!!”

With Love and Joy,

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