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An Interview with Tiny Devotions
It isn’t often that I come by a company that I am inspired by and excited to support, so when I do, I want to share it with my warriors! Enjoy…

1.  What is Tiny Devotions?
Tiny Devotions is a spiritual lifestyle brand dedicated to helping our community live a mindful and intentional life. We are a sisterhood of meditating, yoga-obsessed and gem adorned free spirits, lightworkers, healers, and priestesses. We live a life devoted to our purpose and really believe in the power of rituals. We use the moon as our clock and our intuition as our compass. Our inspiration comes from the freedom of nature, and the luxury of gypset.

2. How and why was Tiny Devotions created?

Tiny Devotions was started over 10 years ago by our founder Diana House. On a spontaneous trip to Bali for yoga teacher training, she discovered the beauty and magic in mala beads. Upon returning to Canada, she was overwhelmed by all the questions and compliments she was getting about her mala beads… someone even asked to buy them right off her neck! After that it was clear to her she had to turn this into a business.

3. How can readers incorporate Tiny Devotions into their daily lives and into their spiritual practices?
Our malas, mala bracelets and spiritual jewelry can easily be worn every day as a physical representation of your commitment to your intentions. Our 108 bead malas are designed for use during Japa meditation, which is a style of meditation where you repeat your mantra 108 times along each bead, using the guru stone (Bead 109) to thank your mentor, or yourself!

Our bracelets contain less beads, but can also be used to complete a shorter meditation. Our Sacred Geometry Rings feature some of the most beautiful and ancient geometric patterns in the Universe. They can help the wearer tap into their inherent manifestation powers, to design a life of love and fulfillment.

4.  What does living with intention mean to you?
       -Waking up everyday and expressing our gratitude for all the privileges we have in life.
       -Really connecting with ourselves, our community and the earth.
       -Being curious, asking questions and making conscious decisions to push our limits to encourage spiritual growth.
      -Making self-care a priority, because by honoring ourselves, we honor our inner divine.
      -Trying to see less with our eyes, and more with our (third) eye.

5.  Share with us some specifics about your creations and how they can enhance mindful living. 

We combine the properties of our high vibe gemstones and sacred materials like sandalwood and rudraksha to amplify and support your commitment to your intentions. For example, our Mama Mala features Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Sandalwood. Rose Quartz is said to heal anxiety, replacing worry and fear with a feeling of calm + reassurance. Smokey Quartz is believed to be centering + grounding, and Sandalwood is a very spiritual wood that gives off a soothing scent. By combining the properties of these materials into one mala, the wearer is able to use the vibrations in their day to day life to help overcome challenges, heal mental wounds, and grow into a stronger and more enlightened being.

The Limitless Collection was created so the wearer could change their mala to match their changing intentions, by changing their guru stone (Limitless Amplifier). We all know that our focus can change from day to day, so it was important to us to create a piece that allowed our community to have a mala that represented their true selves.

6. If you had to sum up your mission and the message you want to share with the world into a few sentences, what would it be
Our most important mission is helping people connect with their higher selves, to better be able to live an intentional life full of joy, strength, and love. We encourage our community to travel within, tap into what they know to be true, and stay connected to their magic. We want people to know that they are powerful, beautiful, wise and limitless.

I encourage you to check out Tiny Devotions… you may just find the perfect little something for someone
you love, maybe even for this Valentine’s Day!!

Instagram: @tinydevotions
Facebook: Tiny Devotions
Facebook Group: Tiny Devotions Tribe

With Love and Joy,

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