Why Daily Rituals are so Dang Important!!

Rituals are non-negotiable habits you intentionally create for yourself. Consistent follow-up of these rituals will help bring to you the life you desire.


There is a quote that I absolutely love and I believe is so important that it hangs over my desk for me to see daily. This quote states “The quality of your rituals determines your success.” Rituals are a huge indicator of your mindset, the life you create each day, and therefore your overall success.

So, what are rituals?

Rituals are non-negotiable habits that you intentionally create in service of your higher purpose. Basically, they are a routine of behaviors connecting you to the best parts of yourself that you perform every single day. And, they are powerful.

When you make a decision to change or what I like to call “level up,” this means to improve, grow, or set forth to live to your potential. There will be challenges. Not only will you have to overcome things, but you will actually notice that your situation or life circumstances may even get worse before they get better. I’m not totally sure why this happens, maybe it is the universe testing you, but I do know it has a purpose.

I like to think of it a training. Let’s say for example you were to decide today to become a professional dancer. You wouldn’t just snap your fingers and be there. You would have to practice, face challenges, and things would certainly get worse before they got better. I imagine you would experience pain, frustration, resistance, and a whole slew of obstacles you would need to overcome. I am also guessing you would entertain the thought of giving up on a daily basis. All of this would be necessary though for you to learn the skills needed for you to be a professional dancer.

And I imagine this all sounds familiar, as this is the same when you decide to create a new lifestyle or “level up.” You are facing challenges and overcoming obstacles necessary for you to learn the skills needed for you to live at your potential. Before things start to make sense and have a flow to them, they will get worse, and the thing that will keep you going and get you to where you want to be are your daily rituals. 

Just as a dancer will become a professional through her daily practice and routines, you too will create the life you desire through your own daily practice and rituals. This is how you will build and strengthen the new muscles necessary for you to succeed and thrive. This is how you will make your dreams come true.

My daily rituals

So, I thought I would share my daily rituals with you and encourage you to create your own. It is important to set yourself up to succeed, so I always suggest to clients that they start with just a couple and then build from there. This will allow you to have small wins every day and gain momentum to create change.

5:20           – Wake up
5:25-5:45 – Write/journal
5:45-6:05 – Meditate/pray/light yoga
6:05-6:10 – Visualization
Healthy Breakfast


  • Goddess Hour – This is a term and practice created by Marianne Williamson where you give yourself at least 5 minutes to do something that connects you to your heart. I detailed this more in one of my previous blog.
  • Create a Must-Do List for the next day.
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Breathing/Prayer

I would absolutely love to hear about the daily rituals you create and how they serve you. Comment here or in the Break Up to Break Through Facebook group.

With love and joy,

2 thoughts on “Why Daily Rituals are so Dang Important!!

  1. Really very very interesting. Even very much inspirational. Got the idea of living life , no matter how hard the situation is. The last option is, you will have to make it happen alone. No one else would come to feed you. You will have to practice daily to make the best of you and face the challenges, one day this will become your habit and things would become so easy. This is the irony of life, that you need to boost yourself daily. You need to feed yourself good thoughts daily.

    Thanks Jenny.!! Keep updating..

    1. Harshit Sharma….yes!!!! We need to feed and nourish ourselves for so many reasons. It is the only way we can truly be what we have been created to be. Thank you for reading me!!!!

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