Do you know your worth?

worthy. You deserve to live the life you desire, be loved in the way you crave, and to live out all those inspirations that pull at your heart.

I am worthy.

This is a statement that sounds so simple and in a sense, seems so obvious. I am worthy. Of course, I am worthy. This is a basic truth, or is it?

I am beginning to notice that one of the top false beliefs that many women have about themselves is a deep sense of unworthiness. Underneath it all, when the lights go out and there are no distractions, there is an underlying fear that you just aren’t good enough and therefore are unable to truly value your worth. Whether realized or not, this sense of unworthiness plays out in so many places in life. Staying in a relationship where you are not valued or respected, putting everyone else’s needs above your own, not taking the time to practice self-care or over-working in a job that rips apart your soul. There are long restless nights filled with incessant thoughts of everything that you wish you could change, moments you hide away in the bathroom crying because you know you want more, and day after day feeling drained by everything you do for others.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I can tell you that I was there for longer than I like to admit. I basically found myself living a life that didn’t exactly feel good, and for so long I didn’t know why. What was wrong with me? Why was I allowing myself to be disrespected by people who were supposed to love me? Why was I agreeing to jobs and projects that had nothing to do with my passions? Why was I not taking the time for myself I so very much needed? I had those long restless nights, my knees and tears fell to the bathroom floor thousands of times over, and I pretended too many times and with too many people throughout my days. Eventually existing this way became uncomfortable and downright miserable, and I sought to figure out why I was choosing to live this way.

And yes, I said choosing to live this way. Because, no matter how much we want to blame the circumstances around us, we always have a choice and we must own our part in our lives completely.

Over time, what I came to own was that I had a belief that I wasn’t worthy. That deep down there was something wrong with me, and therefore I was not deserving of anything more than what was right in front of me. If anything, I should be grateful for what I had and stop wanting more.

Are you kidding me? How could I believe this about myself? I thought for sure this must be something unique to me, but as I have spoken to and worked with women, this actually seems to be a common thread between a vast majority of us. We believe we are not worthy and therefore don’t deserve to live the life we crave inside our hearts in our quiet moments.

Realizing that you hold this false belief about yourself inside, is truly a huge first step in changing your story and creating a different reality. It is also a courageous step because it is scary, uncomfortable, and unknown. So let me say that I beg of you to be kind and gentle with yourself as you feel your way through your discoveries. Let me also say that none of this false belief you have about your worth is true.

No matter what life circumstances you have lived through, no matter what choices you have made, no matter where you find yourself as you read this article, YOU ARE WORTHY. You deserve to live the life you desire, you deserve to be loved in the way you crave, and you deserve to live out all those inspirations that pull at your heart. I tell you this as someone who has been where you are and I truly hope that you will receive this with an open heart and begin your journey toward claiming your worth and living the life you deserve!

With love,

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