Hey Warriors… Let’s talk FEAR!

Each of you has your own reasons why you are afraid of failing. You are created to succeed. The only thing stopping you to make this your reality is YOU.


Let’s talk fear….

Marianne Williamson says “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frighten us.”

This is one of the most powerful sentences ever uttered and it applies to each of us throughout our lives. How many times have you turned your back to something you wanted so badly, could feel it deep within you that you were meant to do it, but in the end you just walked away? You probably convinced yourself that you were crazy to even want it in the first place, or maybe you even convinced yourself you never really wanted it at all. If you were aware enough to see what you were doing, maybe you were afraid of failing, afraid to  not be able to succeed at whatever it is you desired of.

Most of us can relate to being afraid to fail. I know I spent many years of my life turning my back to my dreams, ending my pursuit right before the finish line. While I was doing this, I always found a way to convince myself I was doing the right thing. That I’m following my heart and the direction of my instincts. Later, I came to a place where I was ready to admit I’m afraid, except I mistakenly thought I was afraid of failing. Afraid of what failing would mean.

And then I realized it wasn’t failure I was afraid of. See…  you can only fail if you quit and well, I had done that over and over in my life. So, I certainly wasn’t afraid of failing. What I was really afraid of was succeeding. I was afraid of what would happen if I actually did achieve my goals and rise to the top.

I can remember when this new awareness set in like it was yesterday. I had been keeping myself small in an attempt to be liked and accepted. I didn’t want to stand out from my peers, and I certainly didn’t want to do anything that would cost me my marriage back then. I knew that if I succeeded, my life as I knew it would change. There would be new standards that I would set for myself and bigger responsibilities for me to live up to.

I wasn’t scared of failing, I was scared of shining!

And my guess is this is true for you too. As you attempt to heal from your heartbreak and move forward in your life, I imagine that you feel fear and resistance rise throughout the process. You may convince yourself you are doing the best you can and choose to focus on your feelings. You may be worried about the unknown of the future and what if you can’t make it. What if you mess it all up and it all falls apart?

My friends…. What if you do make it?? What if you find out that you are more powerful than you imagined and become so full of light and joy that you inspire others simply by being around you?

This is what you are really afraid of.

I am not going to lie. The journey forward isn’t a simple walk in the park. It is challenging and it takes work, but it is worth every single moment of the adventure. What you need to know every step of the way is that you are created to shine. You are created to be a joy. You are created to succeed. And the only thing that can stop you from making this your reality is YOU.

I was scared of succeeding and what that would mean and guess what… all of my worries and fears were for nothing. Yes, I have moved along from certain people in my life. I have ended toxic relationships, and I do believe I have set higher standards for myself and have more responsibility. And all I can say about that is I am grateful!

And YOU will be grateful too… You only have to make the choice to rise and then take the steps to make it happen.

With love and joy,

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