Are You Making the Choice to not Choose?

Each and every moment you are making decisions. Be intentional in creating choices that will resonate with the desires of your heart.


Each and every moment of each and every day, you are making a decision. Whether or not you are conscious of these decisions and being thoughtful about the process, the fact remains, you are in a constant state of decision making, sorting through choices, and sifting through possibilities.

My experience has been that most of us go through our lives forgetting this fact. We trick ourselves into believing that we have no choice at all and therefore, no way of altering situations in our life. We travel through our days without even considering the endless possibilities that lie in front of us, hypnotized by the path we have walked thus far and our beliefs about what it all might mean.

So, what if we opened ourselves up to the idea that we not only have the ability to choose, but we also possess the power to do so? What if every single step you took was impressed with intention, consciously put forward by the deepest part of your soul. What if life happened FOR you, the universe laying at your feet the road you are meant to travel. What might this shift in perception mean for you?

I think sometimes we avoid claiming our power to choose out of fear of making bad choices. Afraid of going down the wrong path, we instead remain on the undesired path simply by default. We become a victim of circumstances, believing things are beyond our control.

Well, this is, in fact, a choice. A choice to walk blindly, a choice to forfeit our power, a choice to remain on the path of least resistance.

What I have come to learn is that we don’t have to fear making wrong choices or going down incorrect paths. What we do have to fear is not making choices at all. Allowing ourselves to walk through life in a hypnotic state, doing things how they’ve always been done and assuming things are just the way they are. It is when we are in this state that we are not even really living. We become puppets to the ideas and will of others and victims of the world around us.

As a parent and a coach, this is one of the most important pieces of wisdom I hope to offer. That in each and every moment of each and every day, you are claiming your power to choose and exercising the practice of making decisions. That you are being intentional in setting forth to live your life based on choices you make that resonate with your soul. That there is a method to your own unique madness and you never struggle to know why you are where you are or are doing what you’re doing.

I have walked that path, looking at myself in the mirror and having no idea why I was where I was or doing what I was doing. It was my wake-up call and the moment I woke up from sleepwalking through my life. The moment I made the commitment to claim my own power to choose.

With love and joy,

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2 thoughts on “Are You Making the Choice to not Choose?

  1. Your right al lot of people are afraid to choose for one reason or another. Great article! (Also like how you capture emails for lead generation in order to leave comment)

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