Will You Make Your Intentions Your Reality in 2017?

Will 2017 be the year that your intentions become your reality? Will this be the year that you actually do change your life?

It’s a new year and that means it is the season for resolutions and intentions. You get so excited to make these changes and promises to yourself, sure that you will follow through this time, confident that nothing will get in your way. This is going to be your year, the year everything changes.

And then… life happens. Maybe you’ll get sick or stay out late one night. Maybe you’ll suffer a devastating loss or become faced with financial hardship. Perhaps, the world falls apart around you, or perhaps you just slowly give up. But either way you lose sight of your resolution, your intention, and inevitably, you are back in your same old patterns and nothing has changed.

Even worse, you failed yourself once again, confirming that things will never change for you and this must just be the life you are meant to live. You have gathered further evidence of the things you “can-not” do and have learned to trust yourself a little bit less. This fear driven life pattern is controlling your world and without realizing it, you are letting yourself be guided by the part of you that wants you to play it small and avoid being seen.

Have you been in this place? How many times? Once, many times, every time? I know I have been there, not following through on promises I made to myself and beating myself down as a result. Cutting away at my worth, my potential, my ability to trust in myself and the world. It felt awful and it certainly was not serving my highest self or my purpose.

So how do you break the habit of falling short on your intentions and letting yourself down with broken promises? How do you begin to create habits that actually serve you in creating changes in your life and allowing you to live from the highest part of yourself?

How do you make this year different than all the years that have passed?

  1. Reflect – Take the time to search deeply within yourself and discover what your heart is guiding you toward. The key here is to find the thing that your soul is pulling you toward, as opposed to the thing you think you “should” want. For example, just because your head tells you that you should go to the gym to lose weight doesn’t mean your heart is pulling you there. Maybe your heart is pulling you toward eating a healthy diet to lose weight right now. Find what moves you, excites you, and makes you feel and you will know exactly which direction you need to head in.
  1. Proclaim Your Decision – Once you have felt into your heart’s guidance system, it is time to state your intention to yourself and to at least one other person for accountability. Write it down, say it to yourself over and over. Stand in front of the mirror. Look deeply in your eyes and state it. Then tell someone you love and trust. Own this with authenticity and vulnerability.
  1. Create a Ritual – A ritual makes something special, almost ceremonial. When we commit to a ritual, it becomes meaningful to us and elevates us. A ritual becomes non-negotiable and it becomes a part of our being, a part of who we are. It takes an intellectual decision and invites our heart to join the process, giving our intention power and purpose.
  1. Be Consistent – Changes takes intentional and consistent daily practice. There will be days that every single part of you screams that you do not want to live your resolution, that you will be sick, tired, sad, or overwhelmed. These are the moments when being consistent and doing it anyway is most important. These will be the moments that define you and determine if you will actually make it to the other side. If this will simply be another resolution that falls to the waste side, or if this will be the resolution that triggers the Domino effect of changes in your life.
  1. Celebrate Your Success – Each and every day you follow through, each and every time you rise, celebrate your accomplishment. Celebrate you. Every single part of your life that is sparked by your new commitment to change deserves your acknowledgment and your joy. Share it with those around you who will celebrate your success with you, but guard it from those who will attempt to steer you off course. Not everyone wants you to succeed.
I ask you, will 2017 be the year that your intentions become your reality? Will this be the year that you actually do change your life? I can promise you that it is possible and, only YOU can make it happen.


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