Your Pain Will Lead You to Your SuperPower

Can you imagine how much energy it costs you to actively close your heart? To build those walls and somehow keep them from falling down? Choice

Hello beautiful tribe,

As I continue to dive into my purpose, my work has led me toward helping women to navigate the emotional aftermath of divorce, its pains and devastating break-ups. I am really excited to be working with this population and am looking forward to helping women transform their greatest pain into their greatest superpower. Going forward, you will at times see blogs and newsletters that speak to this community of women. I believe that there will continue to be value for everyone here and I hope you will allow me to continue to inspire you

As I work with women going through divorce and devastating break ups, I hear so many women talk about the pain…the way it tears through you like it is going to rip you apart. I remember it hurting so badly sometimes that it was a struggle to breathe. You wonder, how will I ever get through this? Doubt that you will be able to make it through. There is no way anyone can survive this amount of heartbreak.

The longer you sit in this pain, the more it builds up. Suddenly, in your mind you are rewriting history. Remembering things as better than they really were. Questioning yourself, your feelings, your choices. Terrified to move forward because you question this as well. Before long you are frozen and have no idea which way to turn.

I can tell you that you can survive your pain and get through this.

More than that, this pain can be a source of your power….your SUPERPOWERS! I can tell you that for me, this unbearable pain is what catapulted me toward being the person I know I was created to be. At the time, I could not see this at all. Now I look back and see it all so clearly.

At every moment, we can make choices and choose to see things however we want to see them. It all comes down to mindset, and your mindset will set the stage for everything that is to follow. The pain you are in right now is an opportunity for you to dive down deep into your own personal story and journey of healing. To learn the lessons that you are intended to learn from this, find the space in your heart to forgive, embody gratitude for the entire experience, and learn to take courageous action in living out your purpose in your future. One of my absolute favorite quotes is “Tragedy doesn’t happen to us, it happens FOR us.”

When you are in the pain, it can be hard to see this, but that is why you are here. That is why it is essential that you receive support and not try to go it alone. You can not only survive this…you can make this your opportunity to thrive!!

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