Perfectly imperfect?



Why do we pressure ourselves so much to be perfect? To look perfect? To appear perfect?

Why do we work so hard to hide our imperfections, even when it is at a cost to ourselves?

I speak to so many women who feel like they have to constantly be on. They feel pressured to look as though they have it all together at all times. Not only does everything need to appear to run smoothly, but they also feel they have to look and act a certain way in order to feel accepted and loved. Their time gets spent worrying about things that don’t truly matter to them, caught up in a way of living that they now can’t seem to break away from.

Can you relate? Is there a part of you that feels you have to live up to some sort of standard in order to be loved by the people around you, accepted into the community, or desired by someone you are attracted to?

I know that I can absolutely relate. I spent many years worrying so much about being perfect. It was so important to me that I have it all together. I didn’t want it to ever look as though I couldn’t handle things. And forget about making mistakes…OMG I would want to crawl in a hole if anyone ever saw me mess up. Somehow, I thought that all of this mattered and I wasted a lot of time being someone I am not.

Then I had one of those “Holy Crap” moments and that was it…I dropped my facade and began the journey to discovering who I really am. And guess what…

Who I am is definitely not perfect.

I don’t make my bed, I get lazy sometimes, learning anything tech is like walking through quicksand for me, I barely ever put on makeup, and I am the worst and being timely with birthday cards. And now guess what….I love me for every single one of these things and more!

So…how did I make the leap from perfectionism to being perfectly imperfect, and how can you??

I got a sense of humor, stopped taking myself so seriously, and well…I got over myself. My need to be perfect wasn’t serving anyone, not me or the people I love. Nobody really cared but me. I mean…how freeing is that?? And even more, I created so much space for authentic connection with people since I wasn’t so consumed with thinking about myself. Life Changing for me and for you too!!

As a recovering perfectionist, I want to inspire you to remove this energy draining habit from your life and free yourself to embrace all of who you are. YOU can make the leap from worrying about getting it all right to living a life of absolute joy and freedom. At first it may feel a bit scary, after all you are entering unchartered waters, but it will get easier and before you know it, you will be celebrating your imperfections with laughter and delight.

So go on…embrace your imperfections, laugh at yourself, and get to living your kick ass life!

With Love and Joy,

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