Are You Running Nowhere Fast?

There are many things we do to distract ourselves from processing the bad stuff we experience daily. My hunch is that you have been running nowhere fast.


Let’s face it, the bad stuff just doesn’t really feel good at all. It is not appealing to think about facing those feelings that seek to cause you discomfort and heartache. Face those thoughts that dredge up old memories. Look at those deep dark places within you that threaten to expose your most vulnerable parts. The bad stuff starts to surface and the instinct that rises to the surface is to run and find a way to make those feelings go away.

There are so many things we do to run away. There is denial, destruction, avoidance, over-indulgence, and even depression. We find whatever ways we can, whether consciously or not, to avoid having to feel all that bad crap and keep ourselves moving forward.

What makes this worse these days, is the focus on thinking positive. We have gotten to this place where everyone seems to have the same answer for anyone’s problems…”Just think positive.” It’s almost a sign of weakness or something if you make an attempt to go into the yucky stuff that may be surfacing. And yes, focus and mindset are a major component in succeeding at any goal and a big part of what I teach all of my clients.

So that begs the question of what you are supposed to do when the inevitable moments of feeling the bad stuff come up. Can you just positively think your way out of having to face them?

I am a firm believer that the only way to the other side is through. That you absolutely cannot outrun anything and therefore, you must have the courage to step into the abyss of your inner world so that you can heal the parts of you that are calling to be healed. It is through the journey of embracing and feeling these parts of yourself that you will be able to move through them. And when done in this way, you will then be able to rest on a positive mindset that is authentic and true as opposed to one that is forced.

The feelings of pain and discomfort are simply communications from those places deep within you that are ready and calling to be healed. It is time to take notice and take the journey through so that you can grow and expand. It is a gift, an opportunity, for you to level up and become more tomorrow than you are today.

So if you have been running, stop and take notice of exactly how far you have come. My hunch is that you have been running nowhere fast.

With love and joy,

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