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Not enough sleep??? 3 ways to feel energized all day anyway!

Do you ever wonder if there are ways to stay energized after those long nights when you don’t get enough sleep?


I don’t know about you, but I love to sleep.

I long ago learned that I am a much happier, relaxed, and motivated person when I have had the proper amount of rest. The thing is though, life happens and well, I can’t always get the amount of sleep my body really requires for me to be at my peak performance.

There was once a time when I let this ruin my day, expecting that I would not be productive and would most likely be in a bad mood.

I would drink extra amounts of caffeine and drag myself through my day kicking and screaming.

Not fun for me and certainly not fun for the people around me!

Sound familiar??

Well, I got tired of having days like these and decided that losing a night or two of sleep did not have to result in such dramatic consequences.

I began researching and experimenting with my own body and found ways to keep my energy up, even after those long restless nights.

And now, I am super excited that I get to share them with you!!

With Love and Joy,