10 Reasons You Need a Coach After a Divorce or Breakup

My mission in life is to show women there is a way to bring forth your inner warrior after your heartbreak. Ten Reasons you need a coach after your divorce.

It is often said that experiencing a divorce is similar to experiencing the death of a loved one. I can tell you from my own experience that this is exactly true. Although, I sometimes think that it was even worse, because with divorce you have to continue to watch the other person living life separate from you. As a result, you question so many things about yourself and about your own abilities to function in the future. I remember questioning my worth, whether or not I was ever loved, and if I would ever be lovable again, wondering if I was good enough, debating fault and if my actions had been the cause of the break up, and feeling unsure how I would ever figure out how to survive.

I didn’t know how to answer these questions and had no idea of a path that would lead me toward healing and freedom. So, I tried anything and everything I could, just hoping and praying that somehow one of these methods would eventually make me feel better. I spent a ton of unnecessary time, money, pain searching and struggling through these unchartered waters. I spent years taking one step forward and three steps backward, a dance that I definitely did not enjoy doing and don’t plan to ever do so again.

Through my own long and painful journey, I learned great lessons and as a result, have a clear vision of my purpose and my path. One of the many lessons I learned and now subscribe to in every area of my life is coaching. No matter what endeavor I choose to take on, I now know the value of finding an expert in that area to show me the way and to impart their hard-earned wisdom on me so I can avoid the unnecessary pieces on my way toward my goals. What my coaches have provided me has been invaluable, and I am filled with gratitude when I think about how much they have served me and altered my life. Among the many reasons, this is why I’ve chosen to coach others and love what I do.

I truly know how difficult it is to traverse the aftermath of heartbreak. I know the confusion, fear, disappointment, sadness, anger, and defeat that weighs down on your every breath. And, I also know the courage, strength, triumph, expansion, joy, and empowerment that can be the result of your transformation. Investing in a coach can be the difference between carrying the pain around you for the rest of your life or transforming the pain into your super power and soaring.

Top Ten Reasons You Need a Coach After a Divorce or Breakup

  1. Everyone needs a kick in the a$$ at some point– When you are hurting it can be way too easy to allow that hurt to keep you down and inactive. A coach will keep you accountable and push you forward when you feel like falling back. 
  1. You are sick of hearing your own story – Talking to friends and family may seem like it is helping for a short while, but eventually you realize that it isn’t helping at all. A coach will train you to move past your story and speak with intention, letting go of the details and events.
  1. You don’t know what you don’t know – If you haven’t done something before, then you simply don’t have the skills or know the process on how to be successful in that area. A coach will teach you what you need to know, and provide you with the tools and skills so that you are able to learn and grow.
  1. You feel really stuck – Most likely you feel deep inside that there is so much more for you, that you desire so much more, but you have no idea how to get clear on what that is or how to get there. A coach will help you get clarity and teach you a strategy to move forward.
  1. Change is freaking hard– Let’s face it, change is difficult and trying to change all on your own can feel close to impossible. A coach will support you through the discomfort and resistance that arise so you can create new patterns and habits. 
  1. Everything else has just been a band aid – The books, nights out with friends, motivational speeches, etc. make you feel good for a short while, but nothing seems to last for very long. A coach will provide you with a program that gets to the root of your pain and works on healing the actual problem.
  1. You are tired of being consumed by your ex – Your life somehow has become revolved around this one human and you can’t find the way to sever the connection. A coach will guide you in taking back your life in a way that allows you to live fully and freely.
  1. Someone needs to call you on your own sh%t – It can be hard for friends and family to tell you how they really feel and encourage you to take a hard look at yourself. A coach will show you how you create your own experiences and impact your environment in a way that allows you to own your actions and be intentional about the way you show up in the world.
  1. The truth is you really don’t like yourself very much right now – Not only is your heart broken, but now you don’t even like this person you have become. You probably don’t even know the person you have become. A coach will teach you how to fall deeply in love with yourself and create a practice that nourishes and honors your growth.
  1. Therapy just doesn’t seem to be cutting it – You spend all this time talking about the past, what has happened and how awful you feel, yet so much time has gone by and you still find yourself weighed down by the pain. A coach will keep you future focused, teach you how to implement the tools you are given, encourage you to be an active participant in your growth and healing, and move you toward quickly transforming your pain into power.

My mission in life is to show women that there is another way to come out of heartbreak, a way that results in you bringing forth your joy, your power, and your freedom. A way that allows you to expand in love and compassion. A way that brings forth your potential and the bad ass inner warrior that is waiting to come alive. Don’t let your fears hold you back from being the absolute best version of yourself and living the life you were created to live. I PROMISE YOU… YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Schedule your complimentary breakthrough call NOW and begin the journey toward taking back your life and creating the life of your dreams.

With love and joy,

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