The Voice of Your Gut

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Listen to your heart, follow your intuition, what does your gut tell you to do. How many times have you heard this advice from others, from yourself? It sounds good, makes sense even, but when it comes down to it, you have no idea what your gut is telling you. You are conflicted and struggling to make this huge decision while multiple voices inside are coming through loud and clear. Which is which and how do you even begin to know how to find the correct one?

You begin to struggle through the decision, playing mind games with yourself as you try to decipher your higher wisdom from your fear. Maybe I’m meant to do this, maybe I’m supposed to say that, maybe this is a sign, maybe I’m just over-reacting, maybe…maybe…maybe. Instead of getting clearer you grow more and more confused. Trying to listen to your gut has not only been ineffective, but now it has you completely stuck and further from understanding and making a decision than you were in the first place.

The thing is, this isn’t something happening for the first time and certainly it won’t be the last. You have been here before, confused and at a loss for which way to go. You’ve gotten so far from your inner voice that you simply have no idea how you are ever supposed to learn how to find it again. And you know, with every passing day and every new struggle, the clarity you are seeking only grows harder to attain. If you’re being honest, you are starting to think you are a lost cause. Or maybe, you are just one of those people who doesn’t have an inner voice, no instincts to rely on at all.

In comes the sound of your inner-critic and suddenly you have another voice to decipher and contend with. Now, you are beating yourself up because after all, what is wrong with you that you are so confused and don’t have a direct line to your intuition. This seems so easy for other people to navigate, everyone else seems so clear and decisive. You deduct that there is obviously something wrong with you. You have fallen to the bottom of the rabbit hole and buried yourself ten times over, looks like you will be stuck here for a while.

OMG I have been in this exact place, multiple times. Well actually, if I’m honest, it feels like I lived in this place for a very good portion of my life. Every single time I thought I had my inner voice figured out I would make a decision just to determine that it was not my gut after all, it was really just my fear in disguise. I made a ton of mistakes and struggled more than I would like to admit, but the good news is I finally figured it out. I learned exactly how to find my intuition, listen to it, and follow its guidance. And let me tell you, this discovery has been a game changer in my life. No more struggling through decisions, asking a million people what I should do, getting stuck in confusion, and beating myself up. And I can tell you, that feels really darn good!

There is something so essential in the process of figuring out how to tune into your inner voice that often goes overlooked; removing processed foods, sugars, and alcohol from your diet. There are many reasons why eating these foods are not a good choice for fueling your body, but for the purposes of finding your inner voice, the reason is that these foods literally create a toxicity within you that makes you cloudy and disconnected. You know those times you eat and then feel like taking a nap or walk around in what feels like a haze? We have all had the experience and really it happens more times than not when we eat these sorts of foods. You might not stop to think about it, but this completely clouds your ability to tune in and feel your way to clarity.

Often times when we are feeling confused and unsure of ourselves, we will crave the very foods that will keep us feeling clouded and indecisive. This is quite literally our egos attempt to keep us small, comfortable, and safe. Remaining in a state of confusion allows us to forego seeing things clearly and taking the steps toward living our dreams. We are literally working against ourselves and keeping ourselves stuck. Remember, we would rather stay in our comfort zone, even if it is uncomfortable or painful, than to risk jumping into the unknown.

So…I challenge you to begin the road toward clarity by cleaning up your diet and resisting the urge to keep yourself clouded. It is time to tune in to your higher wisdom, to take the risks it requires, and to live the life you were created to live.



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