What world do you live in?

Make the choice to be in active creation with the world and your reality becomes exactly what you desire in your mind. You create the world in which you wish to live

Have you ever longed for something so badly it hurt?

I am guessing that each and every one of us can think of something that they have longed for or desired.

Something you could feel throughout your entire being when you thought about having it.

You prayed for it, wished for it, or maybe you pretended not to want it because it hurt too bad.

For someone it may be a relationship, while for others it could be as simple as support or human touch.

Whatever it is, I imagine that at some point we have all known this feeling and maybe will again.

What I have noticed is that most of us come at this state of desire or want with a sense of sadness and worry. We see the world through the eyes of not having the thing we want most and all that is missing in our life as a result.

We question ourselves and wonder what it is we are doing wrong, why have we not found a way to find what we want so badly? Is there something wrong with us? Are we not deserving? Have we somehow pissed off karma for the rest of our eternity?

We seek out ways to be better, look for answers to our questions, and search for miracles. We walk around looking behind every corner wondering if it will finally appear.

Will this be the day, the moment, the hour that everything makes sense and the waiting is over?

We do that enough times and then something shifts. Maybe we close off our feelings and decide we never really wanted it anyway. Afraid to feel hope any longer, afraid of what it will mean if it never actually happens.

I too have been in this place and I know how it feels. I can tell you it does not feel good and certainly doesn’t get us to where we want to be.

So how do we shift from a state of lack toward a state of abundance?

I have learned that throughout our days we will crave and desire things that are most likely not in our control.

We may wish for affection, support, laughter, or simply to be seen.

We may long for forgiveness from an old friend, or be dying to meet our soul mate. Whatever it is, it is in these moments that we hold the power to create what we desire. 

When you wish for affection, give someone a hug.

In need of support? Offer your support to a friend.

Wanting forgiveness? I ask you, have you forgiven yourself?

Craving laughter, make it your mission to make someone smile.

Longing to find love, fall in love over and over again with you.

Everything you want, anything you desire lives within you, inside of your heart and soul.

Abundance is a decision you make and a habit you must actively create.

Day by day, moment by moment, you decide how to show up and interact within the world you live. You cannot control outside circumstances, but you certainly can control your internal state and the type of world you choose to see.

When you make the choice to give the thing you desire, you are then in active creation with the world and your reality becomes exactly what you had desired. You create the world in which you wish to live.

With love and joy,

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