Move Through Your Trauma…Literally!!

I've learned that we can take our most painful moments and use them as a source of empowerment as opposed to weights that hold us down. Health and fitness


There are so many reasons that people choose to make health and fitness a defining factor in their lives. Each and every person has their own story for starting, and their own reasons for continuing. The common thread that unites us all though is that health and fitness in some ways propels us toward being a higher version of ourselves.

Almost three years ago I suffered the loss of my father. He became sick unexpectedly and then after a very strong fight, he passed away two months later. Absolutely nothing in my life prepared me for this moment. I was quite honestly devastated and paralyzed with grief; the guilt, anger, and sadness almost too much to bear. The days following found me laying in my bed, oscillating between sobbing, staring blankly at the ceiling, and sleeping. The chasm in my heart felt an ocean wide and I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to fill that space again. Other than being present for my son, nothing else mattered enough for me to even try.

After approximately two months of this, I managed to listen to a voice inside telling me that I needed to get up and move. If nothing else, I could head down to the gym and then go right back to sleep. I begrudgingly pulled myself out of bed, put on some workout clothes, got myself out of my home and through the doors of the gym. I’m pretty sure that process took a record breaking hour to accomplish. I managed to make myself move, doing some weights and some cardio. Exhausted, I trudged back up to my home and straight into my bed. It wasn’t much, but I had left my bed and done something for me. I fell asleep with a small sense of accomplishment in my heart.

Awakening my passion for health and fitness

Without even realizing it, something began to awaken inside of me. I would drop my son at school, go to the gym, and then get into bed day after day. What I didn’t notice though was that my workouts were getting longer, I was getting stronger, and I was actually looking forward to going to the gym every day. As I faced and overcame challenges in the gym, I gained the courage to face myself and begin to work on the grief I was feeling inside. A profound grief that was not only seeded in a profound loss for a father that I had loved so much, but also for past traumas in my life that I had yet to have the courage to face.

As I continued the journey down this road of healing, my passion for health and fitness grew. I began to realize that everything I’ve ever done in the past had in fact been preparing me for this exact moment. I felt a fire inside me ignite and suddenly I was on my way to the place my heart was directing me to go. Beginning with a childhood rooted in sports and dance, I found my way to yoga and received my certification to teach. I spent years practicing yoga, lifting weights, and dabbling in my interest in fitness. I decided to pursue a personal training certificate and became certified through NASM. With a Masters in Clinical Social Work and a Life Coaching Certification, it was now time to add another piece and bring it all together, a certification in Integrative Health Coaching.

As I mentioned before, I have survived some trauma throughout my life, and I know many of you reading can relate. Having lived through and overcome these painful experiences, I have been given a unique gift that allows me to assist others in overcoming their traumas and painful life experiences. Through transformation coaching, I use health and fitness as tools towards healing for my clients. I have learned that we can take our most painful moments and use them as a source of empowerment as opposed to weights that hold us down. I am grateful for my journey up to this moment and excited as I create a path of passion and service moving forward.

With Love and Joy,

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