Why Creating Your Vision is Essential When Navigating Transitions!

Navigating any transition can be a time that is filled with uncertainty and confusion. You may feel lost and unsure of yourself and the choices you are making. It may seem as though you are blowing in the wind, being pushed in one direction one day and another direction the next. You may feel fear and worry, at times stuck like a deer in headlights, unable to take another step forward. With emotions running high and scattered, each and every moment can appear like a mountain that needs to be climbed, with no idea how you will ever make it to the top. Finding your way through difficult times does not come with a road map, and the journey through it is different for everyone. There may not be a standard outline to guide you, but creating your vision will provide you with a light that illuminates your way.


In every moment, you have the power of choice. You can choose to be the victim of circumstance or you can choose to be a conscious creator within the circumstances of your life. As a woman who has grown through many huge life transitions, I understand first-hand how difficult this may sound. The circumstances and challenges in your daily life can be tough, making even the simplest of decisions feel impossible. When you are unsure of where you are going or what you want to be doing, this can present an even bigger challenge leaving you feeling stuck and making no decisions at all.


Creating your vision is an opportunity for you to choose to be a conscious creator throughout a difficult time in your life. It is a choice to empower yourself and take a stand against being a victim of circumstance. In Calling in “The One,” we refer to your vision as the North Star, the thing that helps to keep you on course as you find your way through uncertainty. When you have a clear vision, it becomes the very thing you use to inform the choices you make in your daily life. You can ask yourself in each moment if your choices are serving the fulfillment of your vision, and only make those choices that are aligned with where you desire to be heading.


Steps to creating your vision:


  1. Get quiet – Chances are you have a million things spinning around in your mind and tons of well-intentioned people weighing in on your situation. This can make it very difficult for you to be able to hear your own thoughts and connect with your own heart, all of which adds to the confusion and uncertainty. The only way to really know what is right for you and what you need is to get quiet so that you can listen for and connect with your own self. Steve Jobs once said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” When you make the space for your heart and intuition to be heard, they will guide you in the creation of your vision.



  1. Get specific – When we think about a vision, we often think in general and broad terms and forget to get specific. You can have many visions and they can be very specific to areas in your life. In fact, the more specific you can be in your vision, the more powerful that vision becomes. Take the time to really get to know who you are and what it is you are feeling and needing. Ask yourself the tough questions, maybe even enlist the services of a coach, so that you can look at the various areas of your life and be clear about what you desire for each of them.


  1. Get creative – When going through a challenging life situation it is easy to get hyper-focused on getting through to the other side. You may find yourself feeling stress and overwhelm as you spend your days trying to get through the tasks at hand. Being in this state only stifles your heart and intuition, making it a lot harder to connect with that which is in service of you. On the other hand, creativity is what sparks your intuition and brings your heart to life. When creating your vision, make space for creativity and play so that you are able to connect with what it is you truly desire.


Once you connect with your vision, write it down and keep it close. Find ways to be consistent, surround yourself with support, and do the things that help you stay focused. Find comfort in knowing you now have a North Star guiding you toward everything you truly want to become.



With love and joy,


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